Acai Bowls, Acai Powder, and Beyond: How (and Why) to Eat Acai

Acai Bowls, Acai Powder, and Beyond: How (and Why) to Eat Acai

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Whether it's acai bowls, acai powder, or plain berries, getting more acai in your diet is easy (especially with Acai Exotic). But why do it in the first place? Here are some perks to consider.


Acai has long been a staple food in Central and South America. In the 1990s, acai started to become a popular food in urban areas.


Now, acai is widely seen as a superfood. This has led to an acai craze as people are buying this fruit not just because it tastes amazing, but for its health benefits as well. 

Acai comes in different forms. From acai powder, acai bowls, or plain berries, it's easy to get it in your diet.


Acai Exotic brings you acai as it was meant to be, organically sourced from the best species of acai palm trees in the best places in the world. Our acai berries are harvested straight from the Amazon.


Read this guide to learn more about the health benefits of acai. 


Health Benefits of Acai


Acai is not only delicious but healthy too. Here are some of the incredible health benefits of acai. 


 1. Heart Health 

It seems like everywhere you turn these days, you hear people screaming from the rooftops about the health benefits of antioxidants. Acai Exotic acai is rich in antioxidants. Anthocyanin is one of the antioxidants found acai, and it helps to lower oxidative stress. 

Acai can also help to reduce cholesterol. Omega-6 and omega-9 are two fatty acids found in acai. These two fatty acids can maintain good levels of cholesterol. 

Lower cholesterol means a healthier heart. What better way is there to lower your cholesterol than eating this delicious fruit?


 2. Diabetes

Acai is also credited with helping to maintain glucose levels. Acai scores low on the glycemic index because of its positive effects on glucose. It also has low lipid levels. This is good for improving cholesterol. 

Individuals with diabetes can try adding acai into their diet to help maintain cholesterol and glucose levels. Acai is also known to reduce blood sugar levels.

And just when you thought this superfood couldn’t get any more super, Acai Exotic acai berry pure packs are naturally sugar-free!

3. Immune System Boost


There are different compounds in acai that provide a major boost to the immune system. 


Certain compounds found in this fruit can reduce the development of malfunctioning cells. The antioxidants in acai help to neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are known to be carcinogenic and damage healthy cells by taking oxygen away from them. Antioxidants replenish the oxygen in free radicals. This saves the cell from further damage. 


Research is ongoing to learn if extracts of the compounds found in acai can reduce tumor growth. Research shows that active ingredients in acai can reduce the development of cancerous cells.


A trick to finding the most antioxidant rich acai berries? The darker the purple, the better. 



4. Benefits for the Skin

Acai is considered a superfruit because of the extremely high levels of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and oils. Did you know acai is ranked in the top 10 foods containing high amounts of antioxidants? 


These high levels of antioxidants found in acai contribute to healthier skin. Antioxidants help reduce cell damage which helps to slow the aging process.


Acai is found in many skincare recipes, but you can also reap the benefits by adding a spoonful of Acai Exotic acai powder to your breakfast smoothies.



5. Boost of Energy


“I’m tired, feeling slow, and wish I had more energy” said no one ever while eating Acai Exotic. Our products are packed with so many good things that have been linked to improved energy, focus, and stamina. 


For an extra energy boost, you may want to consider trying our Acai and Guarana packs. Guarana seed powder is physically and mentally energizing because it contains caffeine. However, the caffeine in Guarana is metabolized differently, providing energy without the notorious crash you get from coffee. 


Acai’s energizing qualities is one of the reasons athletes are starting to incorporate more acai in their diet. Acai has been linked to better performance in athletes. Acai Exotic acai bowls are the perfect post-workout snack.


6. Brain Health

Lastly, eating acai is great for brain health. A faster working brain results in improved cognitive function. It can also improve the speed of thinking. Acai helps to keep you feeling more alert throughout the day. 

The anti-aging properties provided by acai have been found to slow the brain’s aging process. Acai can also contribute to boosts in memory. Some recommend adding acai to the diets of memory-loss patients because of the positive impact it has on brain function.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in acai also contribute to brain health by reducing inflammation in the brain.

Acai Exotic acai supplies the body and brain an abundance of nourishment and health benefits, to help you live a healthier, happier and longer life!

How to Eat Acai


Acai does provide several great health benefits. To experience these health benefits, you need to know how to eat acai. 


Acai is a berry that's native to the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Farmers harvest this grape-like fruit from acai palm trees. Acai Exotic sources acai berries straight from the Amazon. Acai Exotic is committed to preserving the nutritional value of superfruits while also achieving a natural and flavorful experience.


This dark purple fruit needs to be eaten fresh. Because it has a short shelf life, acai berries aren't found in many parts of the world. This is why Acai Exotic is dedicated to making this indegenious superfruit accessible to our customers around the world.

Acai exports are sold in frozen fruit purée form and in dried powder. Acai Exotic frozen acai berry packs and acai powder bring you acai in its purest form, without additives or fillers. 


Our acai berry packs, acai bowls and acai powder contain the essential nutrients you need. They contain high levels of fiber and healthy fats. 


Acai Exotic acai is naturally sugar-free and contains zero added sugar. Blend our acai berry packs with almond milk and a banana for a nutritious and delicious acai bowl base, or add our acai powder to smoothies or yogurt for an extra antioxidant boost. The possibilities are endless!



Acai Health Benefits 

There are many reasons why acai is considered a superfruit. Acai has many health benefits, including heart health, immune system boost and improved brain function. Acai is antioxidant-rich, which helps to reduce cell damage and cholesterol levels. 


Do you know what’s even better? It tastes delicious too.


Acai Exotic acai berry packs, acai powder and our new grab-and-go acai bowl make it easy to reap the benefits of acai while also enjoying a delicious, healthy breakfast. 

Acai Exotic prides itself on bringing you acai as it was meant to be. 


Want to learn more about acai and other superfruits? Check out our about page for a more in-depth look.