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our ingredients

Each ingredient is there for a reason. Why the sugar content you may ask? The sugar in our acai cups contributes to the creamy texture of our mix when running it through commercial ice cream machines. We’ve performed countless tests and research to determine the minimum amount of sugar needed to ensure the product doesn’t freeze inside the ice cream machine pipes. While determined to get this sugar content even lower - we had success with the addition of healthy fats from coconut cream. Instead of overwhelming or drowning out the taste with added sweeteners and fillers, we aim to preserve the natural taste of these fruits in every product we make.

our ingredients

  • Acai

    Our organic acai is sourced from local farmers of the Amazon Jungle who wild harvest the fruits. They are picked, pulped and frozen within an 8 hour period to preserve all of the antioxidants and nutrients.

  • Dragon Fruit

    Our organic dragon fruit is sustainably farmed in Vietnam
    an hour outside of Ho Chi Minh city. It is diced by hand and quickly frozen to preserve its freshness and structure.

  • Coconut

    Our organic coconut is sourced from Indonesia.

  • Ice Stabilizers

    Our ice stabilizers are sourced from parts of various species of trees, blended together specifically created for low sugar recipes to stop the formulation of ice crystals.

  • Granola

    Our organic, gluten free granola is moms recipe, made right here in the USA with gluten free and non-gmo oats

  • Almond butter

    Our Almond Butter is simply, unsalted, organic, USA almonds grown in sunny California.

  • Demerara Sugar

    Our Raw Demerara Sugar comes directly from the sugar farms on the island of Demerara

  • Hazelnut cocoa Spread

    We partnered with Boelli and Sorrisi, a chocolatier in Torino, Italy which aligned with our company mission as far as quality and sustainability. This chocolate hazelnut combination was born in Torino and was later made famous by a leading brand. Unlike other leading brands, our spread has 50% hazelnuts (3x that of a leading brand), 1/3 of the sugar, while also being dairy and palm oil-free.

our products

These products are easy to prepare. Taking two packets or a handful of cubes, placing them in a blender with your other favorite fruits and the liquid of your choice will give you a bowl or smoothie depending on the amount of liquid used.
Secret – We defrost and eat the acai + guarana right out of the packet

  • acai pure

    Acai Pulp
    (acai berry, filtered water), citric acid

  • acai + guarana

    Acai pulp (acai berry, filtered water) raw cane sugar, guarana extract, citric acid

  • dragon fruit

    100% dragon fruit

our product attributes

All of our products are made with organic, kosher, vegan, dairy free ingredients and each of our fruits are handpicked. All of the production facilities have HACCP and food safety plans in place to assure the highest quality product.






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