We guarantee it! Picked and processed within 24 hours to ensure optimal health impact! Never heated or exposed to chemicals of any kind. Once picked, the pulp is flash pasteurized at low temperature for your safety, then immediately freeze dried to preserve all the vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and other nutrients.  Our competitors high heat pasteurize their acai not once, but twice, often letting their pulp sit rotting for years before freeze drying it. Why? Its cheaper to buy pulp in bulk and add high levels of carriers like citric acid later on during the freeze drying or spray drying process, with these carriers often constituting up to 70% of the finished product. We say no! Our small batch production and strict processing methods ensure our finsihed product is unsurpassed!

Indigenous Amazonians receive fair wages for growing and harvesting these precious berries. Once harvested, we freeze-dry the whole fruit in 4 to 8 hours to ensure the berries are fresh and enzyme rich. Açaí berries begin to rot quickly after picking; this is why you will never find freshly picked açaí berries in the USA or any other country outside of where they are grow, tthey would simply not make the trip.


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