acai bowl - hazelnut spread

acai bowl - hazelnut spread

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You asked. We delivered! We took the popular Acai-Nutella bowl and put our very own Acai Exotic spin on it.

We designed this bowl to be the best of both worlds. Healthy and delicious but most importantly nutritious. 

Our Chocolate Hazelnut spread is the real secret. Unlike Nutella, our spread is palm oil and dairy-free. It has 5x the amount of Hazelnut and a third the amount of sugar. It also has less than half of the ingredients! We decided to import this precious spread from the Piedmont region of Italy where we use only IGP hazelnuts. Our Italian hazelnut variety, the Tonda Gentile is famous around the world for its uniquely rich flavor. We believe in only using the best ingredients and we can’t think of a better marriage for our acai, then our new cacao and hazelnut spread 


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